Case Studies


The Client: An organization in the Hospitality Industry

The Issue: The client was running several, custom built, multi-node Real Application Cluster (RAC) systems in support of their customer’s business. They constructed several RAC environments out of necessity because the original system was unstable and required constant attention. The subsequent clusters were built as failover environments in the likely event that the main cluster failed. [Download]


The Client: A large on-line and catalogue based retailer

The Issue: The client was experiencing performance issues when running end of day batch proceses. These jobs were critical to the customer service metrics as the pick-pack-ship process was part of the nightly batch run.[Download]


The Client: A large Healthcare Organization in the Midwest

The Issue: Our client had purchased Exadata to support their Epic Clarity Data Warehouse. The incumbent systems (IBM Power 7 and 8) were already at their limits of capacity from both a CPU as well as IO standpoint. In addition, the client was being asked to make multiple copies of the 4TB data warehouse to be used by multiple divisions. With the existing IO and CPU overload issues, making copies of this sizeable data set only exacerbated the issues. [Download]