Tim Fox – CTO

vijayMr. Fox is a seasoned Oracle professional with more than 25 years of experience with the Oracle database technologies. His Oracle career started in 1989 with Oracle Version 5 and Forms 1.0. Early in his career tim worked as manager for IT Department of the Associates and Andersen Consulting / Accenture. For the past ten years, Mr. Fox was employed at Enkitec/Accenture as Chief Technologist. Since the release of Exadata V2 in 2009, he has focused his time on Oracle’s Engineered Systems, Exadata in particular. He spends most of his time now educating clients, both current and potential, on the merits of Oracle’s Engineered Systems. Mr. Fox was also responsible for running a Proof of Concept practice and has over 50 POC’s to his credit making him one of the most experienced Exadata resources in the world. At Infolob, as the Chief Technology Officer, Mr.Fox is responsible for overseeing and managing On-Premise & Cloud Technologies in Database, Platform, Infrastructure segments and Infolob Managed Services and Remote DBA Services.