Varma Buddharaju – Chief Operating Officer

varmaAn entrepreneur at heart, Varma Buddharaju brings with him 10+ years of rich experience in IT, building high performance technology services delivery teams, and a deep understanding of Test Engineering and Cloud Platforms.

Varma founded Ksquare Inc. in 2013. Using his vision, strategy and execution, he grew it from $330k in revenues in 2013 to $6M in revenues by 2015. As of 2016, Ksquare was a 100+ people organization. Post the acquisition of Ksquare by Infolob Solutions Inc. Varma joined Infolob as its Chief Operating Officer.

On a philanthropy effort Varma believes in giving back to the community, and launched in July 2016 a new initiative Called - Veterans into Technology Program. The program is led by veterans and its main purpose is to integrate veterans into the software field. The program includes, hiring, training and placement of veterans into the enterprises and internal Infolob projects.

Varma is passionate about sports and like any other Indian, he loves to play cricket and has represented his district at U-16 level. Varma’s passion for the sport made him start Texas Cricket Academy in 2013 to promote the sport in Dallas and eventually to the other cities and states in the USA. Texas Cricket Academy currently trains about 100+ youth cricketers in the DFW Area.

Varma Buddharaju has a Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering, (Madras University, India) & MBA in Operations Management and Supply Chain (University Of Texas Arlington, TX).