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We provide you an extensive range of Cloud Strategy solutions such as:

Cloud Assessment Tools

This is a set of tools that enables us to assess and evaluate your applications and organizational infrastructure which helps us to determine cloud opportunities for your business. It also allows us to develop cloud implementation roadmaps.

Cloud Strategy Methodology

This methodology allows us to develop Cloud strategy for your business and make sure that it is aligned with your IT landscape. Also it enables us to focus on target cloud architecture.

Cloud Sustainability Assessment

This helps us analyze and evaluate your business goals and technologies including cost-benefit analysis to help us identify which applications are best suitable for your business to move to Cloud computing.

Cloud Market Insight

We regularly monitor the global Cloud market to devise foolproof Cloud Strategies and solutions that work best for your business environment.

Cloud-enabled IT Model

This is a proven blueprint that shows how IT companies can operate best with Cloud enabled world.

At Infolob, we provide you Cloud computing strategies that can leverage your business operations, increase business productivity and ensure high profitability.

If you are worried how your business can make the most out of Cloud computing, then try our services today!


Cloud computing is a cutting edge technology that has proven to bring outstanding business results, if implemented strategically.

Cloud has a broad scope and countless business benefits. Whether you are a start up enterprise, small business or a large corporation, you can take advantage of cloud based solutions to maximize your business productivity and profitability.

Though Cloud is a simple concept, the place where most companies face trouble is during the implementation of this technology. This is where we come in!

At Infolob, we provide you Cloud Strategy solutions to help you determine how Cloud fits best with your corporate strategies so that you accomplish your business goals successfully.

We help you find the right solutions and methodologies that add great value to your business. Also, we provide you guidance and proper assistance to enable you to understand and use Cloud computing efficiently. Infolob provides you a balanced assessment of cost, performance and risk. We do the math for you.

With us you get unmatched Cloud strategy based services that help you enhance your business performance and reduce costs drastically.

Our highly skilled team of experienced Cloud technology consultants devise strategies in the light of your corporate values and goals.
The combination of our expertise and years of experience in providing unbeatable and impeccable cloud strategy services to companies across industries help us answer your Cloud related questions and find the right cloud supplier for you.