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Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Oracle’s IaaS offering makes industry leading technical infrastructures available to customers as a Service.  It’s like owning the best commodity hardware available, but you only pay for what you need.  Oracle’s rock-solid, Intel-based IaaS product lets customers run any workload they have on the same hardware / software stack they run On-premise.  The transition to Oracle’s IaaS is a low-risk, high-reward endeavor.

Oracle IaaS Services

Infolob’s team of experts has been using Oracle’s Public Cloud since its inception.  We are not only an Oracle Platinum Partner, we are also customers of Oracle’s Cloud Service.  We buy the products that we support so we know what the customer will experience before they do.  The Oracle IaaS services we own are as follows:

  • Oracle CPU for Compute
  • Oracle Object Storage for File Management
  • Oracle Block Storage for Database Backup

The services we provide for our customers begin before the purchase of any Oracle Cloud products and extend to Long Term Management.  We strive to ensure that our Clients understand what their current requirements are and how that translates to Oracle’s IaaS.  We use our custom developed tools along with our deep skills in Oracle’s Technology Stack to model and price the Oracle Cloud products.  Our process looks like this:

Sizing and Provisioning

  • Using our proprietary tools, we extract performance data from currently running systems
  • We translate the current performance data into an Oracle Cloud configuration


Using our Heavy Metal Oracle Cloud Pricing tool (built in Oracle Application Express), we can build Product Bundles, perform What-if scenarios, and compare certain services to Amazon Web Services products

Implementation / Lift and Shift

Infolob assists our Clients in migrations to the Cloud.  Our “Lift and Shift” services often begin with a Physical to Virtual migration so that virtualized servers can be easily migrated to the Cloud.  We ensure that the security infrastructure of the Cloud provider is comparable, if not better than, their On-premise solution.

Managed Services
Once our Clients are migrated and operating Cloud-based systems, Infolob’s Cloud Managed Services kick in.  We help ensure that our Client’s Cloud experience is both performant as well as stable.  Our deep skills with the Oracle Technology / Application / Cloud suite of products allows Infolob to manage Cloud environments with minimal effort.

Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Why use Oracle’s PaaS?  In the Oralce Public Cloud, PaaS actually means Database as a Service.  PaaS differs from IaaS in that you can provision a database as opposed to provisioning servers and Storage and then uploading software.

This service takes the complexity out of provisioning and managing Oracle databases in the Oracle Public Cloud.  Creating a new database is as easy as clicking a link on a web page.  The Storage and CPU (also known as a “Shape”) are pre-defined making it easy to set up a database that fits the Client’s needs.

If it’s that easy, what does Infolob do?  We ensure that the PaaS services are sized and implemented correctly.  All Cloud Service Providers will allow users to create any service at any time.  Our proprietary Cloud Provisioning Tool – called OKAPI – adds a level of security and access control to the Oracle Public Cloud that does not exist by default.  Using our tool as your gateway to Cloud provisioning, we can ensure that only authorized users provision PaaS services and we report on what was provisioned.

This set of services gets our Clients into the cloud quickly and ensures that they don’t receive that unexpected invoice from the Cloud Provider.

Oracle Database 12c

Oracle Database 12c is entirely different from the previous releases of Oracle’s flagship product.  Infolob has done extensive research and testing of this new product in our Technology Lab so that we can ensure smooth transitions from 11g to 12c with our Clients.  Some of the new features we focus on include the following:

  • Multi-tenant Database
  • Demystifying the Oracle 12c Query Optimizer / Optimizer Adaptive Features
  • Snapshot Technologies – Exadata / ACFS

Although 12c is entirely new from the ground up, Infolob strives to make the transition from 11g to 12c as uneventful as possible for our Clients.  This can only be done through experience.  We install, test, and operate the 11g and 12c databases in our Technology Lab so we know the differences between the versions and how to address differences.